April 15, 2011

Gender: Female
DOB: 10.1.2008
Weight: ? lbs.
Small Pet Safe: Yes
Color: White and Fawn

Easy came to All About Hounds from Pensacola, FL on April 4th, 2011.

Her foster mom says she is laid back and sweet.  We will have more for you as she settles in a little more.


I’m a great gal!

April 21, 2011

Well I have been off the track for over 2 weeks and I have settled in great to my foster home! I get along great with my foster brother and sister and the resident IG and Jack Russell. In fact Lilly (the IG) and I even have fun playing in the yard. Lilly will chase me. My foster dad posted a video of it this week. I have not had any potty accidents and I crate with ease. I will whine a bit to let you know that I need to go out or that I’m hungry, but other than that, I’m a pretty happy and laid back girl. I also have a helicopter tail when I get excited and happy.

I have also discovered stuffies and I love them! They are fun! I do need to learn what can and can’t be chewed on, but I am making improvements on that every day with help from my foster family. I adore kids and would be fine in a home with them. I am also such a good girl that my foster mom lets me stay out of the crate at night and I sleep on the pillow by her bed.

My foster mom says I’m a great girl and I’ll find my forever home real soon. Are you the forever home for me? I hope so!